Blog #0218

I think I need a plan, a 4-year plan. Is that too long? Hmm… Am thinking about the Contiki that my sister mentioned previously. Yes, I haven’t got the time to plan for my honeymoon yet. And the place that I want to visit? Europe. So if I were to really go for that venue, Contiki would be a rather good choice, according to her, since it’s cheaper. But then, the catch is, you’ve got to be below 35. Hmm… I’m already 32 this year, so that left till 2015. But then I have other plans too… such as… babies. Second one. And of course, financially, I have to ensure that we both can make it. Right now, I guess for the both of us (mine worse), it’s in a big mess.

CNY is coming this week. It will just add on to the mess. First time that I have to give out ang baos… Urgh… Dreaded that idea somehow. But I definitely won’t skip CNY as I still like that get-together feeling for both the families and friends.

Well, I guess we will see how things goes. One step at a time.

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