Blog #0224

It’s not really intentional that I don’t want to work or had not done much yet. But firstly, I’m still dazed in my CNY holiday mood. Secondly, my boss isn’t around and thus I don’t need to fake it. And lastly, I really had too many a “thing to do” on my plate for both personal and work such that I have no idea where I should start working on first. And so I decided… why not just write and vent out some of my frustrations and extra thoughts on the blog first, since… I’m late on writing again -.-”’

Today is another Friday. Yes, time flies. And It’s almost the end of January. A third of the second quarter (of my company). But hardly anything ticked off from my targets for this quarter. How? How to do it when everyday I’m tied up with either the support of the system, or the report that shouldn’t be my problem initially.

And the piled up housework that we both kept shelving it aside… Considering the fact that tonight we’ll be playing mahjong, I doubt anything will be done either. Nor tomorrow since there’s the appointment with the gynae in the morning, and a BBQ that’s not confirmed yet.

I don’t even know how to start writing out what are the outstanding items anymore… Gosh. Had always thought that after the renovation and wedding, life would be more relaxing but guess it doesn’t seem like it. Guess my colleague – the project admin, felt that way too. She just slammed down the phone. *LOL*

Oh well… that’s probably just part and parcel of life. You pissed people off, people pissed you off.

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