Blog #0225

Was that just my digestion system or was it my baby moving when I took that few mouthfuls of vanilla ice-cream? O.O

That’s what I read, a few days ago, about the baby moving if the mum ate something cold or when the mum is not moving. And that the baby most likely will be sleeping if the mum is walking because of the “rocking” movement.

And there I stood, feeling the flutters in my stomach area after I ate the ice-cream. It’s not at all painful. Amazing, will be the word if that is due to my baby hitting the walls of the womb. It really felt like butterflies in the stomach.

With the tons of work and the constant depressing news (recent one is about the corruption of 2 high officials in the Civil Service – simply so disgraceful) in the media, it sure is a wonderful thing to have this small little “greetings” from my baby that just brighten up my day. *all smiles*

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