Thoughts – Sex as a Weapon

Just came across a friend’s facebook where he wrote:

“Since ancient times, many powerful men have fallen because of their obsession for 1 woman. Seriously, do we really need to invent so many deadly weapons to get rid of our enemies when we can easily produce the most effective one by having more sex?”

What’s your take?

Here’s my reply to him:

“This weapon can easily be created just by getting people under the knife nowadays. No need to go through the hassle of having sex where there’s only 50% chance of getting the correct gender, and another 50% chance or less of looking slightly attractive, and then another at least 15 years of raising before the weapon is ready.”

Yes, this thought and reply can be just out of fun. But to use “sex” as a weapon, I believe, it’s not something new. At least, of course, it’s not in the “mass production” kind of direction.

The recent scandals around the world in the high ranking officials, especially the recent case in Singapore, had clearly shown that sex had been used as part of the trading game – 2 men sharing 1 woman, there’s clearly no love nor romance involved. Considering the fact that both men are married too. Do you believe that they don’t know that the woman is involved with the other man?

Looking at the life of commoners, what do we have? Chinese women (trying not to be racist here but I’ve seen and heard a lot of such sad cases, especially from this country) marrying a very old man, and then divorcing and cheating all of their money, before going back to their own country, or subsequently marrying another man. What do we have here? Is there love?

No, in most such cases. It’s merely business. “Trading” the body for money, that’s what I thought. To me, it’s no difference as being a prostitute except that you get to choose more of your customer, and with the same person for a longer period of time.

There’s no right or wrong, nor am I against it. But naively, I used to think that this should only be done with the one you love. Of course, I was so wrong, and I only got to know that at a much later age, thankfully, for I think that the world is still beautiful for such a long time.

Now… I have no idea what the society will become…

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