Blog #0226

I saw you again, waving at me and wiggling around inside happily. You are so obedient, and did what you are told, but it’s just that the doctor couldn’t confirm. Nonetheless, I do believe that it’s 70% accurate. Even your grandpa dreamt of you!

I’m weighing at 47.5kg now, still the same as 1.5 months ago but the doctor had assured me that everything is alright and the best of all is knowing that you are growing up healthily – weighing at about 180g.

The doctor took a whole load of blood from me yesterday. Didn’t succeed with the right arm and so he tried with the left. Made me rather dizzy right after that but no worries, I’m alright. Just probably too scare of the process and the lack of food in my stomach. Test results will only be out a week from now but again, the doctor said that everything should be alright looking at the growth.

Anyway, shall see you again in another 3 weeks. From now till then, love you lots… (D&M)

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