Blog #0227

It’s SUNDAY! And another freaking busy day! It’s already almost noon so what have I done this morning? Let’s see…

Woke up at about 8am+ and prepared a healthy breakfast for myself which included a cup of warm milk, and a wholemeal bread with margarine, a piece of cheese and some pork floss. *Yum Yum*

Then after that, decided to prepare breakfast for the hub – dried maggi mee with luncheon meat and scramble eggs! Woke him up after that, which he commented that the noodles were a little too bland (I know because I didn’t really want to pour all the MSG down) but then the scramble eggs were nice. Oh well, there’s always room for improvement.

After that is the cleaning of the kitchen top, not the cabinets yet as I’m not supposed to stretch nor squat down. Wiped the floor with the magic clean mop and now it’s clear of the hairs. Cleaned some other areas with the magic clean duster too. Sometimes, I simply find these tools to be so great!

Later, I’ll be having a lunch with my family at Swensens @ Compass Point. Followed by a small gathering at hub’s friend’s house. And then later at night, we will be having a steamboat at sister’s friend’s house which is just across our block. *Phew* No time for any other things yet again.

But while the time is not up yet, maybe I should plan a little such as the Genting trip which my mum is finally agreeable on me going. And some other miscellaneous things. OOOOOOH!

Gee… as for the headaches, first thing – the “bruises” on my arm. Didn’t seem to turn out that well for the failed arm. Guess it’s because I never pressed onto it and thus the spreading of the blood within.

And of course it’s the topic about hub’s mum moving into our house. Thought everything was setted until yesterday when we had a brief chat with her. Realised that she didn’t really exactly want to quit but somehow felt that she didn’t really want to put my hub in a spot. Especially when the hub don’t seem to like to do any household chores at all – he’s watching the Korean drama on the bed now. It’s quite difficult to handle, seriously. Hub felt that the life isn’t just about working and doing household chores (which he isn’t doing a lot still) and thus he felt that it’ll be good if the mum moves in with us so that she can take over everything (DUH!). So now, there seems to be a deadlock because if you were to ask me, of course I would prefer to have more time for 2 person, especially for the fact that now the baby is still not out yet, and that the hub is still working rather near to his mum’s house, which he goes home for dinner everyday… I seriously don’t find what’s the problem with this arrangement after knowing that the mum don’t really exactly want to quit 100%. Then again, I shall not comment too much for the fear that the hub don’t like it. He always have this idea that I didn’t want his mum -.-”’ Yes, it might probably really be 100% true if he continues to side his mum so much… Jealousy, that will be what I’ll be feeling.

Again, it’s life and decisions to be made probably on a daily basis. You just have to take it one at a time. Cheerios! Time to prepare to go out! Hope you have a nice day! ^^

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