Blog #0228

It’s a Monday but it’s not as blue as the rest of the other Mondays. Why? Because I’m working from home! Well, that’s the good part. The bad part? I’m having quite a bad headache… and thus the arrangement.

I would have taken an MC straight in the morning if not for the weekly report which I need to generate, and of which I haven’t taught the admin on how to generate it yet. But luckily, there wasn’t a lot of hiccups and I finished before lunch. And the hub was sweet enough to get permission to work from home with me too!

Then after that, I worked and rested on and off before we finally decided to cook our first Chinese meal! The previous pasta was a flop and I didn’t want to try that so soon. Anyway, it was not really that difficult, though the hub was a little slow in the preparation. We whipped up a nice simple meal in about an hour. Edible, thats for sure. ^^

Then after that we spent another hour cleaning up the kitchen. *PHEW* Tough work… guess it will be so much easier if either we packet our food or drop by at my mum’s place. Nonetheless, I think the hub truly enjoy it. Probably will try it soon again, but this time round, something with more standard. Stay tune!

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