Blog #0229

I saw his message only now. Sent last night at around midnight. He said he’s tired.

Sometimes, I really do pity him. She seems to expect so much of him at times. Maybe I didn’t get to see the overall picture but from where I’m standing now, he did his best.

Men and women, like children, need to be taught. You can’t expect everyone to be the same like you. Patience is definitely required.

He’s tired. I can feel it. Imagine a whole day at work especially when his work is rather stressful. And then when he’s back home, I can imagine his joy when he sees her, but yet frustration when the other her starts¬†yelling. I don’t know why, but she does gives me the feeling that she loves to nag.

Poor thing… I just hope he don’t collapse…¬†May God bless him.

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