Blog #0231

If I could down a glass of ice cold sake now, I would already have, for the fear of my privacy being invaded will be coming real soon. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if I have a slightly more understanding hub instead of a brainless and biased one.

Just another small request of closing the door while sleeping invited a series of negative comments. Why? Is there anything wrong with just closing the door? I’m not even restricting the mum to do anything. I only wanted that little bit more privacy, is there anything wrong with it? You being alright with my dad doesn’t mean I am and I should be, with your mum. Why are you expecting that of me too?

Am I already NOT giving in by keeping shut with the arrangements in her room and common toilet, and probably part of the storeroom?

You mentioned to your mum that most DIL don’t like to stay with in-laws, but I doubt your mum knows that you gave me no choice – either accept with no complaints or split. Have you ever really thought why I chose the first?

And would I even dare to argue more? For if any mishaps were to happen to your mum, all you will do is just easily pushed the blame onto me. Oh Lord, it’s so easy.

It’s really just closing the door… and it’s for reasons… Do you think I would use the bathroom with the door open even though I know it cannot be seen but someone is sleeping in the other room? NO, I WON’T! I’m NOT being taught like that!!

Sometimes, just sleeping and seeing you beside me, simply made me feel so disgusted. I already don’t know if I’m the one being stubborn or you are, for you don’t give neither me nor your mum any choice. You just want it YOUR way.

The hunger and the numbness in the leg doesn’t help much in the current state. It’s almost 1am and I’m still awake…

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