Blog #0258

Suddenly have a need to stop whatever that I’m doing and re-organized my thoughts and TO-DOs. I’m distracted, by something, but I couldn’t figure out what it was. Starring at the excel and trying to generate a tracking report out of it doesn’t help at all. With the MIL moving in next week, and the […]

Blog #0257

The way some people talk can be real irritating. It’s as if they are the king and know-it-all, and that the company can’t survive without them. Talk politely to your colleagues as much as possible. It will not only brighten up your day, but theirs too, making the whole working place a better place. It’s […]

Blog #0256

Monday Blues… but I’m not wearing any blue on me. I’m quite sure I woke up at the wrong note today. Hadn’t slept well last night, probably partly due to the comments made by the lil’ hub while we are chatting and lying on the bed. It’s true that the house was in quite a […]

Blog #0255

The lil’ hub is awake! But I’d already had my breakfast – a cup of milo with biscuits, and a piece of cheese, so that I can take my multivitamin for the day. Went to the baby fair yesterday which was so packed. Only bought the stretch mark cream from Mustela which caused $75 for […]

Blog #0254

After having a few discussions with the various people that I chatted with yesterday, I’d decided┬áto take a walk to the library while waiting yesterday at NEX, and borrowed some books on pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since the lil’ hub most probaby won’t be reading up on anything, I guess I’ll have to be the one. […]

Blog #0253

I’m back to work after a ONE WEEK REST! Back with a vengence! *LOL* But that’s about my rest all the way till June/July this year already. Nevertheless, definitely felt fresh and light, with the short hair but the back is starting to ache after working for only 3 hours. Never mind, it’s going to […]