Thoughts – “Talking” to your “Tummy”

“Tai Jiao”. That’s what some people kept telling me nowadays… “Talk to your baby, connect with him/her now”, “Let┬áthe baby┬álisten to some classical music”, and so on and so forth…

What is this “Tai Jiao”? Is it really useful? Well, I don’t know. I can talk to my baby but does it needs to be routinely since the baby can only hear muffles and don’t understand a word. And just by me talking to other people, I guess the baby will probably thought that I’m talking to him/her right? Sounds logical?

Ha. Classical music? WHY classical music? Do cultivate the cultural part of the baby? Or do I want them to become an artist? Hmmm… I’m listening to pop music now, by the way.

So is there really some connection? I seriously have no idea but this morning, I had this really weird idea. If the babies inside you do really understand, somehow. Then if that’s the case, can I teach him/her morse code, so that we can communicate once he/she is born? Hmmm… that will be quite cool huh?

Or since morse code needs a few letters to form a word, maybe some signal or rhythm might work? Example, 3 taps on the tummy means “Go and sleep”. But that seems to be just a one way direction, isn’t it?

Hmmm… if someone got the time, maybe can help to do that little bit of research?

Morning to all! ^^

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