Blog #0236

My head seems to be spinning, even right at this moment as I stare at the screen. I’m quite sure my brain cells, at least half of them, are on strike today. And there’s chaos inside.

Yesterday was the last day of CNY where normally the Chinese will go back to their own family and loved ones, and have a gathering or dinner. Likewise, that’s the case for me, except that due to some problematic work, I left office at somewhere around 7pm, which was like 1.5 hours later than usual. So I took a cab back, that cost me $6.40, for a short trip (10 minutes or less by car, and 45 minutes on foot) that’s almost just a straight road. Gee… the cost of hailing a cab nowadays.

The moon was really big and round though, as I look at it on my way home. Almost everyone were done with their food by the time I reached. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed myself with the self-made popiah and the taste-like-curry laksa. The hub reached only at about 8pm and we took off at around 9pm. 1.5 hours of rest before I reached home and started clearing my to-do’s.

Wiped the floor. Did my homework. That’s the only 2 things I cleared. But by the time I finished it, it’s already 12am+. Passed my sleep time, which is supposed to be at 11pm. And my lil’ hub still don’t want to let me off by repeatedly asking me if he should change the last character of his Chinese name. Damn. I shouldn’t have brought the calculation of the name up to him.

It’s still so early… I wonder how am I going to survive for today. Plus I’ve got my class in the evening. Sigh…

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