Blog #0238

I’m at work again! Damn. It’s only Thursday. Hadn’t been enjoying my work, at least not for the past week. Probably it’s due to the constant back aches and pains that’s been hitting me hard since last week.

Well, I’m trying to keep a slightly healthier diet nowadays. At least I tried. Packed a whole load of milk samples for mum-to-be given by my gynae in the morning. So far, all tasted similar except for the Mamil Mama. Didn’t really like it not for the taste, but somehow it just doesn’t seem to dissolve totally and thus, there’s always chunks of milk powder around. Otherwise, it still tasted as good. No, I’m not going to spend any cent on buying these milk for myself, especially since I can continuously get these samples, for FREE!

After that is of course the wolfberries, which normally I’ll just grab a few from my fridge. And I’ve got a BIG can of wolfberries. Wonder if I ever can finish it…

All these are then followed by the multivitamins, and then a bread, my lunch, the fish oil and calcium pills, and another bread. Am trying to squeeze a cup of honey in today. *Phew* That’s a lot to eat, isn’t it?

Sadly, appetite hasn’t been that good due to the lack of sleep and probably… work. Nonetheless, won’t starve the little one within me. So no worries!

Am going back to work already. There’s a training soon at 10am. I hope that 2 person are here. Otherwise. I’m going to let them wait again before I’m ever going to schedule another one for them.

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