Blog #0239

It’s 4.20pm! Woohoo! Check: Yes, the back is still aching. Yes, the stomach still feels a little full. And YES, I FEEL GOOD! Why? BECAUSE IT’S FRIDAY!!

Oh yes, another week just passed in a “blink”. And my tummy is getting bigger! Of course logically speaking it should. But then I’d received comments saying that my tummy is a little bit big for the number of weeks. Well… let’s see how it goes then.

Yesterday, I finally saw my girlfriend. Oh yes, been really quite a long while since I last caught up with her and I sure am really happy to see her after… 3 months? Guess what, I think I never mentioned it in here (partly due to the taboo) but she’s also pregnant! 2 weeks after mine. So nice isn’t it?

Work is still as hectic but I guess there’s no chance of escaping especially when the management is trying to make a good change of it, which I’m kind of glad. It’s like – finally they are doing it. But in the midst of all these… I discovered a lot of *sigh* people. Anyway, work is work. I shall not let it bother me especially on a Friday.

Tomorrow, me and my lil’ hub are going to have our hotel stay (from the wedding dinner) at Conrad! I’m SO looking forward to it. Will bring my bikini too and hopefully can dip and relax in the water with the lil’ one in my tummy. Just the thought can bring a smile onto my face. You can’t imagine how long I’d been looking forward to such a day where I can stop thinking of what are still left outstanding.

Life just doesn’t seem the same anymore ever since I decided to get married and continue with getting the house. Need to find more “me” time.

I, still stand by this equation: Work + Life (Personal & Us) = Balance

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