Food – Billy Bombers @ Marina Square

This lil’ hub of mine, is really troublesome. I had wanted to treat him to a restaurant where firstly, neither of us tried before, and secondly, a nice dinner (meaning, not the usual that affordable kind). But in the end, after walking for at least half an hour, and commenting either it’s too expensive and nor worth it, or that the service is bad and nobody came to serve us, we ended up here, at Billy Bombers, at level 2 of Marina Square. Well, I didn’t want to opt for Jack’s Place, so…

I’m not saying that Billy Bombers isn’t nice but it’s just that, we’d had our dinner more than once at that place, so what’s new?

Well, by then, I’m already in a “I-AM-REALLY-HUNGRY-MODE” and thus I didn’t want to continue the search. Furthermore, didn’t really want to spoil our first night just because of some food, and so I just went ahead with this decision.

I ordered their Premium Fish & Fries, and the lil’ hub ordered their steak. Somehow, I did briefly mention that they ain’t really that famous for their steaks, but apparently the lil’ hub never heard that and since he felt like eating it, he just went ahead.

The food came shortly and I was greeted with a nice plate of really premium fish and chips. The fish isn’t like the dory kind, I’m quite sure. Not sure what’s the species though. While I’m satisfied with my food, the lil’ hub seems to find his steak a little too cooked, even though he mentioned that he wanted it medium. Oh well, what can I say.

The price is alright (range from $10+ to $20) and so are the atmosphere and services. But if you are referring to the varieties, maybe Billy Bombers wouldn’t be at the top of my list.

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