Shopping – Stay @ Conrad

Hurray! I’ve finally waited long enough for this, and guess what?! Instead of a 1 night stay, somehow for some reasons, it’s going to be a 2 nights stay! Woohoo! Furthermore, we get to enjoy a late check-out at 6pm! And both days come with breakfast too!

Ain’t I ecstatic? I SURE AM!

We had planned for this since last September. Received a free night stay from our wedding banquet but we both decided not to use it on the wedding night since we’ll be too tired to enjoy the services and facilities in the hotel. Had initially wanted to stay for our anniversary which is on the 1st of January, but it’s just too bad that cannot be arrange. Therefore, the next best option is today! Where we can celebrate an early Valentines’ Day!

Well, so far so good. The services were good. And the room is big, especially the toilet! Which includes a shower and a bathtub! There’s 2 small┬ábears given to us too! (For our wedding)

The view from our room is nice too, facing directly at Suntec (Carrefore), and am able to see the fountain (Suntec’s), as well as the Pebble Bay Condominiums.

The bed was huge and really high too! I even need to step on the bedframe before being able to go up onto the bed. Extremely comfortable with 4 pillows and a bolster. DVD player and television are available for viewing. There’s internet available too (though cost is needed) at the working corner.

Overall, BAGUS! But that’s only the initial part of it where I just stepped in. Am really looking forward to that few days of rotting. For now… I need to think how am I supposed to arrange on Monday. Hadn’t intend to check-out on Monday and thus didn’t take any leave or whatsoever.

Urgent leave, medical leave or should I just message my boss now? Hmm…

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