Food – Breakfast @ Conrad

Though we are a little late, and there’s no space in the main restaurant except those that are outside, it’s still as nice. And to be honest, with that freezing aircon, if given a choice, I probably would choose to sit outside too. Moreover, outside seems to be a lot more peaceful. It’s still early in the morning to me (and definitely him), and we are not fully awake yet. Some peacefullness would be good for us.

Today, the weather is cooling and the sun is not really high up yet. I’m currently having my breakfast with the lil’ hub at the free breakfast provided by Conrad hotel. Where is it? It’s at the Oscar’s restaurant (at night).

So how’s the varieties? Well, it ranges from American, to Chinese, Japanese, etc. In fact, the range was quite good but of course not the best that I’d eaten. From the lil’ hub’s point of view, there’s hardly any food to eat. Why? Hmm… let’s take a look at what they have – american breakfast, porridge, nasi lemak, some dim sum, japanese food, fruits, cheeses, pastries and ice-creams.

That’s about it.

Is that consider good or not?

The service… hmmm… at least while I’m sitting outside, as of today, it doesn’t seem that good. I had wanted a change of glass because a housefly flew inside. Thus I left the glass on top of those used and dirty plates while I take some more food. But when I’m back, the plates are gone but the glass remains there, empty. I guess, it’s most likely due to the crowd at this hour.

It was a fulfilling meal nonetheless but as we sat there, a sad news came about on Channel News Asia, showing on the TV that’s hanging above our heads. Whitney Houston just passed away… *R.I.P.*

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