Movie – Ghost Rider

A 2007 movie, starring Nicholas Cage (not one of my favourite artiste) as Johnny Blaze and Eva Mendes as Roxanne Simpson.

I just reached home and switched on my television, and there it was, showing on Channel 5. Didn’t feel like doing other things, so I just sat down and watch with my lil’ hub, even though he’s not my favourite character. In fact, I didn’t like him since the movie – City of the Angels, where he starred beside Meg Ryan (one of my favourites). Why I didn’t like him? Well, he’s always mumbling!

Anyway, back to the movie. It’s about this Marvel character – the Ghost Rider, and how Johnny became one ever since he sold his soul to the devil when he was young – which apparently it’s due to his father, who had cancer. But little did he know that the devil actually deceives him and his father died in a motorcycle accident later on.

Years later, the devil proposes to Johnny to release his contract if he were to defeat his son, who wants to transform hell onto Earth by possessing one thousand soul. Johnny agreed and became the Ghost Rider. At the same time, he met his girlfriend (Roxanne), whom he left previously.

Roxanne, who still have feelings for Johnny, wanted to reconcile. But due to the fact that he already became a Ghost Rider, he rejected her. And when he finally told her the truth, she didn’t believe her until one day, she saw the Ghost Rider with her own eyes. And of course, there’s the exciting part where Johnny defeated him and his “team”.

If it’s the first time you watch this movie, I would say, it’s not too bad. But probably not for the second time.

The graphics weren’t too bad. Eva Mendes is really pretty, and sexy (nice figure). Overall not too bad. Entertaining and exciting.

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