Thoughts – A Time to Relax

There’s a time for anything and everything. Especially needed – a time to relax the mind and connect it to the rest of the body.

You might not feel that you need it but honestly, your body will thank you for it after that.

A 3 days 2 nights stay at the Conrad hotel, with a total cut-off from any work, and purely just sleeping, relaxing and eating, I would say, I recovered at least half of my brain cells and energy level back. And of course, a special thanks to the Peony Jade restaurant for having such a good deal!

As anyone would probably know, prolonged stress and lack of rest is definitely not good for the body nor the mind, and even affecting the people around them. But the problem with a lot of people is – they knew it, it’s just that they never practise it. They could possibly had even counselled others and yet unknowingly, they fell into the trap.

With the society moving so fast (at least in Singapore), and the cost of living increasing steadily, one would easily feel the pressure and stress in the working society.

I once heard from a friend mentioning to me before, saying that a senior teacher was so stress with her work, such that when she reached home, she will ask her son not to talk to her nor disturb her. That surely, is not healthy for the growth of her son.

And another told me that she just couldn’t seem to relax, and resulted in sleepless nights, high blood pressure and the health deterioating.

Ask yourself, is it worth all these?

I do, admire one friend, who still stick to his way of thoughts and refuse to get promoted and increased his work load, just because he wanted a more relaxing and peaceful life. Others might think that he’s crazy, but I seriously do admire his courage, and of course, his spouse for her support.

How many of us, will actually do that? I guess, majority of the people will probably just get stuck in the so-called “rat race”. Hello, Rat x!

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