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Time to take a short break amidst the work…

Hadn’t stopped since I stepped into work today after the short ‘vacation’ at Conrad. Though it’s just probably over in less than a day, I already missed it. I’m quite sure the hub felt that way too.

Had a long chat with him late last night, when he finally went to bed at around 2am, after clearing some of his work. He didn’t like his job. His boss doesn’t seem that competent, which I do agree. And I’m pretty sure she’s not a good manager at the way she replied, handled or talked to her subordinates. I wonder how she can survive for that long. Maybe, just maybe, she’s really that good at throwing smoke bombs and be a router. Anyway, on one hand, I do hope that he can find another job and leave, since he hadn’t been that happy ever since he started working here. On the other, since the lil’ one is coming out soon, and I’ll be on maternity leave, I wouldn’t want either of us to suddenly be out of job. Well, I guess I’ll leave partly to the fate.

As for myself… somehow, I still find that women are in a dangerous position whenever they went on maternity leave. Though my boss seems rather nice, I couldn’t help but worry that bit. Probably I really need to try and “strike” out on my own. Easier said than done. Tried and “failed” so many times even when I’m not so tied up, I wonder how is it going to work when the baby’s out. Nevertheless, I’ll try.

Alright… let’s see what’s outstanding for this rest of the¬†week.

  1. Update this blog
  2. Calculate my cashflow for February
  3. Check out information on cordblood
  4. Check and buy insurance for bb after week 18
  5. Go swimming
  6. Check out price of baby pram, bed and car seat
  7. Sleep before 11pm
  8. Start facial routine (at home)
  9. Start dental routine (at home)
  10. Go for monthly facial
  11. Go for dental checkup – normal
  12. Tear off the red/blue stickers in the MBR and common toilet
  13. Wash the MBR toilet
  14. Buy the head of the mop from MUJI
  15. Start washing clothes worn at home
  16. Set up the network at home
  17. Buy NAS
  18. Buy harddisk
  19. Check out price of Mio TV
  20. Check out price of Starhub TV
  21. Read up and register the points for 20 modules for PMP
  22. Read up and register the points for the seminar for PMP
  23. Read 10 novels/books
  24. Start working on the writing course
  25. Create Midd and friends
  26. Create cranky fashion website
  27. Check and ensure the services by A&P had terminated
  28. Start baking/cooking fortnightly
  29. Read up and practise on face reading
  30. Plan for Europe tour (honeymoon!)
  31. Develop photos for Mum and Godmum
  32. Check out the errors that caused the SCF workflow to fail
  33. Investigate on the errors caused by the “Restore”
  34. Review the current IT Application Procedures (SDLC)
  35. Touch up on the orientation slides for IT staffs
  36. Create FAQ documents for Clarity – Process and Procedures
  37. Audit for BTR and provide findings
  38. Assess the suitability of Sharepoint for Project/Incident Management
  39. Document SOP for PMO routine tasks (for backup)
  40. Deposit money into joint account
  41. Get O&G report from Gynae
  42. Update picture blog
  43. Cut hair
  44. Raise CRB for schedule maintenance
  45. Create an excel calendar for maintenance
  46. Re-create the approver for the workflow of projects
  47. Improve on S5 report – need 2 more fields
  48. Create video for CNY2012
  49. Buy IKEA bookshelf – Queensway
  50. Change address in IC – need HDB letter
  51. Find 2 photos for keychain
  52. Change battery for the 2 watches
  53. Pack luggage for Genting trip
  54. Exchange money for Genting trip
  55. Check out the education course at Mt A around week 24
  56. Check out pre-natal course
  57. Collect sofa cover from Mondi
  58. List down the chinese characters – yin & yang
  59. Explore other sources for naming
  60. Read up on sharepoint
  61. Search for Pocoyo video and download it
  62. Ensure that the Dev server got backup and kept for 2 years from now
  63. Refresh Dev with the Prod data
  64. Update backlog script after confirmation on exclusions
  65. Finish knitting the scarf
  66. Send email to all project managers on project updates and documents required
  67. Send script to M’sia team for extraction of new daily report
  68. Cut-off dates for last update
  69. Prepare the steps for closure and inform whole team
  70. Create requirements and solutioning document for all reports – daily, weekly, S5

69 items. Ganbatte!

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