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It’s that time of the year again, where you see couples and couples everywhere, and some of them holding on to a bouquet and probably presents.

A friend’s wife was sort of complaining that she didn’t get any present because she’s not worth it, and therefore the hub never get it for her.

Commercialization. That has caused some to have that kind of thought.

Me? No. I didn’t receive any presents either. Not expecting any, which is a good thing. Before married, I already knew that he’s not the romantic sort. So why will I think that he’ll change after marriage? No. Not possible but if I DO receive a present, it’ll be a bonus. Otherwise, just knowing that he’s beside me and loving me everyday is enough for me now.

Nevertheless, I did spend a nice and unexpected evening with a special friend. Thanks to the delay in work, which made me skipped my class (again), and thus have the time to have a dinner with this friend. And also thanks to his friend who couldn’t make it for their appointment.

Well, it was a little awkward but still, I managed to reply his questions. He doesn’t seem really shock to hear the news. And finally, he asked that question, and a few more after that. What can I say… since I have no idea either, and couldn’t remember… Good thing is, he seems happy even if it’s true. ^^ And of course, I’m glad to see and hear that, and lastly, to feel that, which is the most important of all.

Back at home now. Feeling bloated from all the food that I took today – including the sinful ice-cream. It’s late. I guess I’m going to sleep.

Remember, today is a day not just for couples. It’s friendship day too!

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