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A day with the little girl.

At 09.33, the little girl just finished her breakfast which consists of a milo with cereal in it. She then took her pink multivitamin pill and started working on the reports, yet again. Nevertheless, she’s full of energy and is set to clear off all the reports she can do today. And as much as possible, to update her blog too, as well as some others. That’s her plan for today.

At 10.27, the little girl came out from the director’s office, after only answering half of her questions, due to some interruptions. And after that, her stomach told her that it’s hungry and thus she decided to make a cup of warm milk, and at the same time, to fill up her water bottle.

At 11.14, she finally finished her cup of milk, after being interrupted by her director again, and updated one of her entry in her blog. And now, she’s going to edit on the report after hearing the suggestions/changes from the director.

At 12.53, the little girl finished her lunch and went back to her office. She ate a bowl of fried fish soup that comes with rice, after learning her lesson yesterday (the mee rebus…). And now, she’s back to adjusting her 3 reports, which she needs to finish by today, so that she can be holiday-ing away, happily, without disturbance, tomorrow. And also to swallow the fishy fish oil and the weird greenish calcium pill.

At 13.46, the blood of the little girl seems to be boiling. The guy has yet again proved that he is an idiot. She had taken her guards off him slightly and now she spotted another mistake – he never took the latest version of the report. And she, thinking that he would be smart enough to use the latest report to change, used his without checking, until now. Alas… what a terrible mistake he had caused her to make, again and again. And now, she’s trying another effort to ensure that this thing will not repeat. Poor little girl… to have to work with such idiots…

At 14.17, the little girl took half of an orange. Though previously, there’s numerous times where after she ate it, there’s lots of gases in her stomach subsequently, she didn’t believe that it’s really the cause of it. And so today, she tried it out for the one last time. The result was out. There’s gases again. What a courageous little girl. Let’s just stick to the papayas, apples, honeydews, kiwis and pears.

At 15.07, the little girl finished up the piece of papaya, and went to the restroom to do her “small business” while playing the Tiny Tower game on her iPhone. And as she was intending to walk back to her seat, a lady suddenly asked if she’s pregnant and mentioned that her tummy is a little bit big for that number of weeks. Oh my, had the little girl been eating too much? She wondered.

At 16.33, hunger attacked the little girl again. Quickly, she grabbed her packet of digestive biscuits and ate 2 of it, while amending on the reports. She’ll need to clear them by today. That’s minimally, her tasks for today.

At 18.40, the rain suddenly came down, hard. Luckily, the little girl’s daddy came to fetch her from work, which spared her from carrying the heavy laptop back home. She’s happy today because tomorrow she’ll be going for the holiday. And the end of today’s work, marks the point where she can relax again.

At 19.15, the little girl was watching the Chinese drama on Channel 8. But as she watched, tears started to well up inside her eyes. Suddenly she remembered the times where similar things seem to happen to her, as if the character in the drama. Nonetheless, things had already passed and she stopped thinking about it soon after.

At 20.35, the little girl finally finished her work, shut down her laptop, and went to take her dinner. But again, her appetite doesn’t seem that good. And after her dinner, she sat down and played with her little nephew, who is so bubbly and always smiling.

At 21.09, she finally got up and bathed, after searching for different Chinese characters for the past half an hour. It’s so difficult to think of names, she thought. Her mum was busy packing the rest of her luggage now. But what about the little girl’s? Her lil’ hub had probably just reached his mum’s home. It wouldn’t be soon when he comes and fetch her.

At 22.49, as the little girl sat there waiting for her lil’ hub to arrive, she couldn’t help but kept dozing off… It’s already late and supposed to be time for bed. Her luggage was still half packed because the other half is still at her own house.

At 23.28, the lil’ hub finally reached and pick the little girl up. The both of them then went back home to pack some of their belongings. But as they searched, the lil’ hub realised that his passport was nowhere to be found!

At 23.34, it was only after searching for quite a while, that the little girl finally found it at one of the drawers. As for how the passport got there… well… none of them knew… *mystery*

At 00.49, the little girl and her lil’ hub took all their things, and went back to the little girl’s parents’ house. They will be sleeping over there tonight. She turned on her laptop and sent an email out which she had forgotten previously. No, she’s not going to work but just one more email, she thought.

At 00.59, the little girl switched off her laptop and went to sleep. Poor lil’ hub, he’s still working but still, the little girl said goodnight to all, and slept soundly in her own bed.

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