I never really bother to watch this movie at the time it’s screened in the cinema previously. So now, since I’m not really that tired, and am travelling on the coach with nothing much else to do, I’d decided to watch this movie, highly recommended by my favourite cousin.

This movie, starring Julia Roberts (as Liz Gilbert), started with her going on a tour on her own, and then having her fortune told in Bali, where it was said that she will married twice – one long, one short. After the trip, she went back home and shortly married her boyfriend. But as time goes by, she got bored with the married life, and then got to know a young guy, who showed her that there’s more to life. And upon looking at her own husband, she realised that she had given up so many things just to be with this man that she loves. But yet, her husband always seem to think of himself only. So… they eventually divorced.

She ended up with the young guy for a short while but after that she realised that, again, she’s not really that happy. And that the young guy just doesn’t seem to understand what she want, for he wanted some time alone (at times), and ain’t as caring.

With so many bad relationships happening in her life, Liz decided to take break from everything, and embark on a tour where she hopes to find herself. And so she planned – Italy where she will enjoy the pleasure of eating, India where she will pray (the religion that the young guy believes in) and in Bali where she will find back her inner peace… and unexpectedly find her love…

A very meaningful movie that’s probably happening to a lot of people around us albeit the fact that it’s a little slow with not much excitement in the movie. I believe the director of this movie isn’t trying to capture the audiences’ attention with excitements, surprises nor scary plots. It’s basically to show the kind of confusion and dilemma that a great number of us, especially the modern women (or probably men) are facing now.

Unlike in the past, especially with Chinese culture, women are taught to stay at home and look after the children. Men, on the other hand, will go all out to earn money for the family. Nowadays, men and women both work equally. And with education, work and money – inspirations, dreams and freedom seem to be somewhat more achievable.

Everyone knows that it’s not easy to start and maintain a family so why would a woman (or a man) gives up what she (or he) wants to do, and sets up a family?

A movie that will most likely trigger your thoughts, especially if you have already started thinking. Good movie. I’m glad I watched it instead of sleeping and wasting my time away.

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