Blog #0247

Sitting down at the Starbucks, at the lobby of First World Hotel, eating a chocolate eclair, drinking a cup of hot chocolate and looking through all the photos that I’d taken since I got my iPhone. Somewhere in March 2010, that’s where it started taking down bits and pieces of the memories in my life.

I’m at Genting now, again, in one holiday destination which I frequent since young. This time round, I had to ‘request’ a few more times before my mum is agreeable because of the little milkie in me. Love it for the weather and the distance. Though the journey wasn’t as pleasant as the previous due to the change in my body, it’s still worth it, I guess.

So many memories over here, at this place…

Anyway, received an SMS this morning. I’m glad he wasn’t shocked. It was definitely nice to receive that SMS. And of course, it’s definitely nicer to see the lil’ hub beside me every morning, though most of the time, he’s sleeping like a log still, at the point when I woke up. But, it felt nice.

He’s watching his anime now, on his iPhone, while I’m here, just noting down some notes for my blog. We are not talking but weirdly, there wasn’t any space between us. In fact, it felt rather nice to have times like that. Still together at the same place but individual involved in their own matters, yet not feeling distanced.

Almost midnight soon, time for me to disturb and get him to go up to rest. Goodnight to all…

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