Movie – Before You Say ‘I Do’

I never intended this movie to be that nice. After all, lil’ hub and I only happened to watch it because there weren’t much to do, and that we are tired after half a day of bumpy travelling on the bus, and so, the small little TV in our small little hotel room was left switched on while we dried our hair. And also, to let little milkie rest a while after the bumpy ride. I hope she don’t feel giddy during the journey.

I had no idea who the casts are, never really seem to see them in other movies before. What’s worse? I never even heard of this movie! In my mind, it’s probably just some cheap production that’s been filmed a long time ago. That’s my first impression. My mind is dead and I don’t have any internet in that room. So at the time that I wrote this, I’m just writing purely based on what I saw on TV.

So basically, from the title of the movie, you can deduced that it has something to do with a wedding. At the beginning, it shows this couple happily together and suddenly the guy, George, proposed to her girlfriend, Jane. And that just spoils everything. Jane reluctantly agreed to marry George but on the day where they were engaged, she left a voicemail for him and left. She couldn’t bring herself to get married again after her first marriage to Doug, where that ex-husband of hers cheated on her.

So George, after hearing the message, took off from his work and went to look for Jane immediately. But alas… on his way there, he met an accident, which brought him back to 3 days before Jane got married, 10 years ago. And when George finally realised that, he tried means and ways to stop Jane from marrying Doug. Will he succeed?

It’s a romantic comedy that’s quite fun to watch. Although there wasn’t much excitement and that the storyline is quite plain and simple, it’s actually quite sweet to see the things that George will actually do for Jane.

And it definitely would be nice if you are able to find such guys in real life. *LOL*

Anyway, rather nice movie to pass time, especially if you wanted a romantic night.

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