Movie – Chronicle

CRAP!!! The movie is so lousy until I don’t even feel like writing about it because I think I’ll be complaining about it for the whole of this article!

It’s… *totally speechless*

I don’t even feel like searching for the name of the casts that’s starring in it.

Alright, I’m in Genting and I just finished one of the crappiest movie I’d watched in a cinema. The price of the ticket is relatively cheaper and so most of the time I’ll just buy and watch whenever I’m there. The only other thing I felt after watching it, is at the very least, I’m glad I didn’t watch it back at home, which I had wanted because some parts of the trailers looks quite alright.

The lil’ hub that’s watching with me? He started cursing after 15 minutes into the movie. Yes, that’s how bad it was.

This movie is basically and apparently about 3 boys who happened to encounter some mysterious stones which after the end of the movie, you still have no idea what. But ever since then, they seem to possess some super natural power which allows them to do a lot of things. For most part of the movie, we are watching it from the videocam of a guy called Andrew, one of the main leads. Thus, if you are not used to playing those games, e.g. Counter Strike, because it will make you feel nauseous. Don’t ever think of watching this.

At the start of the movie, it shows Andrew filming the door of his bedroom and then his dad started banging on the door and yelling him to open it, which he refused. Then subsequently after that it shows Andrew filming his cousin, Matt, who was driving, and their on their way to school. SO the screen kept going on and off, and showed how Andrew’s life is, which is rather disastrous.

Then one day, Matt managed to get Andrew out to a late night party. And Steve, one popular guy, got Andrew to go and film something interesting after finding a deep hole with Matt. So in the end, the 3 of them got in, and saw this shining beaming crystal like giant stone in that hole. And then all of a sudden, there were just screams and everything was dark. Yeah! They got their powers! -.-”’

After that, it’s basically all showing the stupid things that they did with the super natural powers, and how Andrew went crazy and blah…

Skip it unless you got really too much free time and/or money if you intend to watch it in a cinema.

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