Movie – Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

I’m quite sure it’s bad timing. 1 day, 2 movies, 1 sucks and the other isn’t as nice either. *Sigh* I’m totally left with disappointment after just walking of the cinema. Again, I’m glad I didn’t watch this in Singapore. But then again, I’m not really paying that cheap for this movie since there’s only 3D available, and I never like to watch any movies in 3D, just for one fact – I’m wearing spectacles.

Anyway, it’s the part 2 of the Ghost Rider, and this time, it’s the “Spirit of Vengeance”. Still, it’s starred by Nicholas Cage, the guy who talks and never really open his mouth.

The movie started with a little boy, being chased and wanted by a group of people. His mother and him ran away and the bad guys gave chase. And then after that, this priest-like guy went to look for Johnny (Nicholas Cage) to seek his help. Johnny, who couldn’t suppress the “Ghost Rider” in him, went into hiding and away from his friends and family. That’s the part which I don’t really understand because from what I remember… I thought he had WANTED to retain this curse. But now it seems like he wanted it removed. Weird.

Okay and so Johnny agreed and went in search of the boy. Apparently the devil had signed a contract with the little boy’s mother. And she had agreed to be the surrogate mother of the child. When the child grew up to a certain age, the devil will abandoned his current old body and “transfer” himself into his new body. And the bad guys that were chasing the mother and the little boy, well, they were engaged by the devil himself.

And so Johnny caught up with the mother and little boy, and sort of “protected” them. Of course, there’s a lot of other actions and as usual, I’m not writing the whole story out.

But overall, it doesn’t seem that nice. The Ghost Rider doesn’t look as scary. And for half or more than half of this movie, he’s like cracking jokes. Yes, he seems more like a joker now. And there’s a lot of questions popping out after you watched it. Trust me.

Sigh… it’s really up to you… to decide if you want to watch. But again, part 1 is definitely nicer. The storyline for this isn’t as nice too. Maybe that’s the problem with a lot of “Part 2’s” and thereafter.

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