Thoughts – Game of Luck

For almost half of today, I stayed in the Casino in Genting. Played a little and observed a lot more.

I never really like to gamble since young. Not sure what’s the reason but just never really like it. Probably because I’m not really a risk taker. And when I graduated, I landed in an IT software company for my second job, as a programmer. What kind of software does the company do? Online gaming. Well, that’s definitely a nicer word for it, though supposed to be more correct. Online soccer betting (and casino betting), in short. Not gaming as in, W.O.W. etc.

Anyway, since then, I was exposed to different kind of games, and some of the theories in it, of course. What do I realised after working in that industry for a few years? I’m quite sure lots of people knew it – it’s easier to lose than to win.

Today, I witnessed 2 rather funny cases that really brightened up my day a little, after knowing that I’ll be stuck in the Casino for quite a while since my lil’ hub wanted to try the Jackpot and there wasn’t much to do there anyway.

Firstly, it’s the auntie who set up some form of “Luck Formation” while playing the Jackpot, using 3 different red packets (the ang baos used during Chinese New Year), with some pictures of Fortune Gods on it. She put them neatly, side by side just below the screen, and before the start of every game, she will take one of them, tap it at the picture of a Monkey at the top of the machine, chanted something, and put it back before pressing on the button to start the roll. Simply amusing, trust me. I’m not the only one that’s totally shocked by this gesture.

The other one, was the auntie full of love, for everytime she won a game, she will give a kiss on the screen of the machine using her fingers, as if to thank the machine for letting her win.

Does all these actions really help? I’m not too sure.

I’m a person who is both logical in my thinking, and of course, I do believe in luck. But to me, luck is not there just by you setting up formation nor giving thanks to the machine. Luck is there, when it’s supposed to be there, and because it’s your turn to be lucky.

Logic? Well, as a programmer, one of the theory that I learned in school previously while designing a game, is basically not to make it too easy nor difficult. So if we were to think logically. A Jackpot, in order to earn money (since it’s a Casino), can’t possibly make the gambler kept losing money. But neither can it always let the gambler win, right? So the easiest algorithm (programming sequence) is to make it such that the gambler wins a little and lose more, bit by bit, without them realising it. And at times, let them win BIG so that it can capture their attention. That is generally, I think, the logic behind it.

As for luck, again, its not the actions that you do. But basically if you are in luck, you’ll walk and sit on a machine that happens to be at the point where it’s supposed to let the gambler win, that’s about it.

In conclusion, if you keep losing on a machine, please stop and leave. Otherwise, if you win a BIG one, maybe it’s time to stop soon.

I’m not encouraging people to gamble here. If you were to ask me, I will tell you not to. But if you only want to play a little just to kill time, go ahead but please set a limit. E.g. Lose $200 and that’s it. Stop continuing. Gambling is bad. Don’t ever get addicted.

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