Blog #0249

I’m back┬áHOME, in Singapore! After the short getaway to Genting. Now, I’m just done with my fishball noodles. *Yum Yum* Missed it… Been eating almost the same food everyday for the past few days. Though they do sell fishball noodles over there, somewhat it just tasted different. And I’m quite sure I’m DEHYDRATED! Couldn’t drink much water due to the long bus ride. There wasn’t much stopping and thus I’m not “allowed” to drink too much water as it’s rather difficult for me to control my runs to the ladies nowadays. Anyway, am really glad I’m back (other than I need to work soon, again).

3 more days of rest for me from tomorrow onwards. Hopefully it’s enough for me to clear some of my to-do’s. Not sure about my work though. Received a call early this morning from my admin, asking me how to solve an issue, which I told her I’ll try and do it when I’m back. Seriously, I wonder what’s really going to happen when I’m on maternity leave. Can’t really imagine. But at least, during that period, I’m in Singapore, so it probably won’t be that difficult to look for me. Hope it doesn’t cost much for that long-distance call that I picked up. Urgh.

So freaking tired now.

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