Blog #0250

Second time this week where I experienced the pain and numbness in my arm, and got woken up by it. Thank God tonight, it’s just my right one. Still, the pain is hardly bearable.

I did a research and found one of this common pregnancy symptoms – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which is due to swelling and thus, pressing on the nerves that caused the pain and numbness. Damn it. Is there any cure or treatment? I searched through the internet using my iPhone again. Managed to find something which says to put either in neutral position, raised it on a higher pillow, or in the day, exercise your wrist(s) as often as possible. I tried the first one yesterday, and it helped for the left arm only. I’m trying out the second method tonight.

The lil’ hub is sleeping really peacefully beside me. Shall not wake him up. He still needs to work tomorrow while I don’t have to. For now, there’s only me and little milkie, but it’s enough. The pain will go away… as long as I don’t focus on it. It’s all in the head, isn’t it?

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