Food – Astons @ Centrepoint

It wasn’t supposed to be our choice of food. We had wanted to eat the Korean Ginseng Chicken but it’s only when we reached Centrepoint, then we realised that the restaurant had closed down – the one and only Crystal Jade Korean Ginseng Chicken & BBQ. Guess I’ll need to do some research later on to see if there’s any branch.

Well, we still need to take our lunch, and so we ended up at Astons, which is located at level 3 of centrepoint.

There’s totally no customer at all since it’s more of tea break time, instead of lunch. But instead of our food coming very fast, we actually waited for 20 minutes before our food finally arrives. Our guess? The chef must be resting and subsequently after that, heated up the stove, and thus the long waiting time.


Luckily, I would say, the service was quite good and so are the food! I’m not a steak/beef lover, hardly close. But when I tried their steak (medium cooked)¬†which I got a little bit from my lil’ hub, it’s really juicy! I really mean JUICY! And the taste is definitely there. Nice!

I took panfried halibut, whatever that fish is, and yes, I would say, it’s really nice too. Overall, THUMBS UP for their food! But seriously, I wouldn’t know what’s going to happen during peak hours.

Anyway, I thought the menu looks slightly different from the previous times I’d tried but I guess I’m too tired to go check and confirm it. As for the price, seems more expensive too, compared to some of the other branches. Maybe they really have different levels, serving different food at different branches.

That’s about all. The parking is too expensive for me to want to continue to sit there longer. And it’s going to be the peak hours for going home soon. Wouldn’t want to be trapped in the traffic jam. Cheerios!

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