Thoughts – A Milestone: Mid-Way

I’m half way there! A milestone (estimated) reached for my pregnancy with little milkie. To celebrate and to award myself for this milestone, I planned a few things. Some are already completed – short trip and shopping of some bangles, Pocoyo DVDs, a pair of platform heels and tank tops. And then today, I did one more thing – cut my hair SHORT!

It started on a nice morning (though with really painful arms) with a nice and healthy breakfast done up by my mum – cereal! And then after that, off we go to take our car and out for a haircut. Yes, both of us did. He cut his hair shorter, and so did I. Now, my hair is above my shoulder and it’s really light! Seems like I took a few kilograms off my head. Had planned this for a long time. Been keeping my long hair for the last 3-4 years, since the last disastrous short haircut done by a lady. Decided to cut it since firstly my wedding is over, and secondly, I don’t really want to wait for 1-2 hours everyday for my hair to dry.

Well, luckily it turns out not too bad. And yes, I look even younger now, thanks to the short hair which complements my baby face so well.

Anyway, after the haircut, we quickly grabbed some breads and made our way to the gynae. Parking, as usual, was bad and expensive in the town but today we didn’t have any choice as the last minute appointment was at Mount Elizabeth. Saw the gynae and that’s where we saw our little angel – weighing at about 400g, and confirmed it’s little milkie. My weight had gone up to 50.7kg already, a gain of 6kg since the start. Baby is healthy and so is my blood test result (Thank Lord). And my lil’ hub finally understood what he’s looking at (the ultrasound)! That’s a MAJOR milestone for him!

Today, as if to mark the half way milestone, the gynae explained and showed us a lot of things – little milkie’s head, eyes, nose, hands, legs and feet. And also there’s the heartbeat. It’s really amazing when you can actually see the heart beating. Hmm… the technology nowadays… And lastly, he gave us the ultrasound picture of our little milkie. Doesn’t the picture looks as though she’s saying ‘Hi’? ^^

The whole day then ended with a list of things-to-buy for little milkie, after a free “consultation” from my cousin and his wife. *Phew* I think we’ll have to start looking and buying the things soon, for they kept telling us that in another 2-3 months, I wouldn’t have the energy to shop that much anymore. Better start early than late, better be safe than sorry. 

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