Food – Cafe Beviamo @ Paragon

Met up with my girlfriend today to settle the insurance for the baby. Oh yes, the insurance companies really know how to earn money isn’t it? And then of course, there’s those “kiasu” parents-to-be who eagerly start to buy all these insurance even before the baby is born. So… HOW CAN I LOSE OUT?!! *LOL*

Alright, I’m not going to sell insurance here though I would say, it’s quite a good “investment” and “protection” at certain times. And if you have some little spare cash, it’s always good to cast part of the money that you have, and get insurance. Remember, insurance is not for you, it’s mainly for the people around you. But of course, it depends mainly on the budget that you have. If your money is “tight” every month, then I don’t see why you want to buy insurance.

Anyway, back to the topic. We were hanging around in Paragon and decided to try this cafe – called Beviamo. It’s located at the Children’s level (level 5), just at the open space where you come up from the main escalator (the section of the building with the Metro).

The ambience wasn’t too bad and for a weekday afternoon, it was almost full house. Seriously, I have no idea where these people came from… Are there so many rich people, or people not working? Well, the impression wasn’t too bad initially and we had a great talk and discussion on the different topics, of course mainly – babies, since she’s pregnant too. But as the day goes, somehow, the impression started to drop especially when our tea break snacks came.

There’s a few cases where we requested for some thing from one of the waitresses, but in the end, to wait for a long time in vain. And we had to ask another waitress to help who doesn’t seem that friendly too. But with regards to the first waitress, I started to wonder why she’s helping the rest of the customers and not us, after noticing for a while…

And then as we were about to leave, we did instruct another waitress to pack half of the sandwich as we couldn’t finish it. In the end… we left… without it because it never came back to us. Hmm…

Though the food wasn’t too bad, and so is the ambience, the service provided and the price of the food will give me a second thought about going back to that cafe again.

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