Finally going to have our dinner! After walking from the top level searching for the food that the lil’ hub wants to eat, he finally decided on this Hot Tomato restaurant, which he mentioned that it’s cheap and nice, at the other branch at 313 @ Somerset.

But here we are today, at NEX @ Serangoon instead. Located at Basement 1 of NEX, it’s not especially noticeable. If I hadn’t saw the big poster that wrote “Opposite KFC”, I probably will skip trying to find it. Know the reason why? Because there’s simply too many restaurants and eateries at NEX! So much so that the rest of the bigger shops are taking all the attentions away! Furthermore, it’s located at a level where there’s quite a few fast food restaurants, that’s at least 2 units big.Hot Tomato… hmm… seems to be one one unit only.

Anyway, it’s not really that difficult to locate after knowing that it’s just across KFC, which is rather big and spacious. There was a short queue by the time we were there. It’s late but there’s still a queue. A problem that seems to arise rapidly in Singapore – almost anywhere you go, during peak hours on meal time, it’s difficult to get a seat, until late. Sometimes it really makes you wonder why…


So how’s the food? We both ordered their promotional set, with Aglio Olio. I’m not really a fan of that, and I prefer creamy pasta, but I would give a thumbs up for this! The one that I ate, with salmon, the salmon tasted just right and not fishy. And the sauce tasted a bit mango-ish, sweet in short, which seems to be a rather good combination.


As for the lil’ hub, his first medium cook steak wasn’t that good, think it’s full of veins and couldn’t chew it thus, he exchanged for another one. The waitress that served us was kind enough to exchange it without asking too much. Overall, the service was not bad for a restaurant with that pricing. Range? The whole meal cost less than $40 for the two of us.

Definitely can come and eat it though the varieties of food weren’t exactly that great, but I’m sure it’s enough if you are just looking for a normal western kind of meal.

Updates on 12 Nov 2013:
Came over to this restaurant again today for dinner. Decided to choose this over KFC as the crowd doesn’t seem as much. BUT, it really is somewhat disappointing as the waiting time is a bit long for that kind of crowd. We waited for around 20 minutes before the food came after the soup. And their minestrone was a tad salty.


Not only that, other customers’ food started coming before ours did! Why? It’s the way they “queue” to cook the orders. Same orders, cook first. So example if I’m having salmon, and just nice, there’s someone in front ordering the same thing, mine will be cooked at the same time, and I’ll get it earlier. There still wasn’t a great difference between mine and the lil’ hub (3 minutes) but I pity the couple beside us. The guy’s salad and pasta came at least 15 minutes earlier then his girlfriend’s. It’s definitely bad arrangement in the kitchen.

In conclusion, I’m condemning this restaurant, even though it’s not really that pricey. Anyway, the food ain’t really fantastic, and now with such service, it’s out of the list.

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