Shopping – Isetan @ NEX

WE GOT OUR FIRST THING FOR THE BABY! – A 3-in-1 milk bottle steriliser! Brand? Philips Avent. Cost? $99. ^^

One of my cousins passed us a steriliser that’s spoiled, and asked us to trade in at the promotion baby fair at Isetan. And so, that’s what we did. Since we have no idea what’s good, and what’s not, we just have to listen and follow all these hearsays.

But anyway, the usual price, after buying it and walking around to check out the price, yes, this brand – Philips Avent, seems to be not very cheap (though it’s not the most expensive range). And it seems rather popular among the parents.

We got the steriliser, which comes with one 125ml free milk bottle. Save us the trouble of buying one of this brand to try. Heard from my cousin’s wife that different babies like different milk bottles, or maybe, more of the teats, and so, we shouldn’t buy too many of a different brand. Probably 2 is enough just to let the baby try and see if he/she likes it.

Well, Avent milk bottles aren’t our first choice. Was thinking of Dr. Brown’s. Heard that it not only reduces the colic, but also retains vitamins (most of it). So we’ll see how as we go along.

But am happy that we got our first thing! The first step and to many more!

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