Blog #0254

After having a few discussions with the various people that I chatted with yesterday, I’d decided┬áto take a walk to the library while waiting yesterday at NEX, and borrowed some books on pregnancy and breastfeeding. Since the lil’ hub most probaby won’t be reading up on anything, I guess I’ll have to be the one. And after chatting with so many groups of people, you’ll realise that each has their own thinking and method.

Conclusion, it makes it (sometimes) even harder to make decisions.

And so, I’m going to take all those advices, plus whatever that I see, touch, feel and read, and decide on my own (with lil’ hub) regardless of what any other people said. After all, their babies like it, doesn’t mean our little milkie will like it too, right?

The lil’ hub is still sleeping, as usual, at this hour but I think I’m going to wake him up soon. There’s quite a few places to run today. Firstly, to drop by my parents’ house to take the things I bought that day and forgotten to take, and my credit card. Then later, a visit to the orthodontist for my retainers. Followed by 2 baby fairs – Chai Chee and Expo. And finally, come back home, bathe and change, and attend a friend’s wedding by 7pm. *Phew*

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