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The lil’ hub is awake! But I’d already had my breakfast – a cup of milo with biscuits, and a piece of cheese, so that I can take my multivitamin for the day.

Went to the baby fair yesterday which was so packed. Only bought the stretch mark cream from Mustela which caused $75 for 2! I usually got it for at least $54 per tube and the cheapest I’d seen so far is like $48 per tube.

Anyway, I signed up for the Mount Alvernia Ladies card too, since I’ll be delivering my little milkie in that hospital. And also for the antenatal course as well as a tour to the wards. Will wait for them to contact me to arrange for the date and venue. Hopefully won’t have to wait too long.

Saw the price for some of the strollers, car seats and baby cots too. Guess most likely I’ll try to search and buy it online since I heard from another friend that it’s almost half the price!

Yesterday at the friend’s wedding dinner, I met up with the usual JC (Junior College) gang. Seems like quite a few of them are planning for babies too. Well, generally I guess, it should be the time especially if one is thinking of having a baby.

And then before that in the afternoon, my orthodontist was shocked when she saw me with a tummy. Her reaction was rather funny. She never noticed my tummy when I first went in, and I┬álied on the seat. It was when all the checks are done, and I was about to sit up, that she caught the ring in my finger, and my tummy. Her eyes were wide open…

Going to go to the temple to pray a little, later on. And then a little shopping at the building beside it. There’s still quite a few things that I need to buy. Sigh… and so fast, today is Sunday already.

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