Food – Granny’s Secret @ OG Albert Complex

I just had my lunch actually. Ate Long John Silver, since they are having the 1-for-1 promotion that cost less than $11 for 2 sets.

And now, I’m having some snacks with my parents, godmum and sister at this restaurant called the “Granny’s Secret”, located at level 2 of the OG Albert Complex. It’s somewhere at the corner, near to where they sell all the auntie’s clothings, and to the toilet.

Well, the first impression wasn’t that good already. I sat down at the point where the waitress was pouring the tea into the cups. And as she poured, thanks to the design of the teapot, a lot of tea flowed out and onto the table instead, wetting one whole patch of tablecloth.

Then the first dish came – 2 popiahs. I tried it and immediately, I gave it a thumbs down. It doesn’t taste as nice as the one I had in one of the coffeeshops in Hougang. In fact, it’s not even half as nice.

With 2 disappointments, I reluctantly brought up my chopsticks and tried the rest of the food that follows. Since I’m rather full, it doesn’t matter whether I missed it or not. Still, I tried it and… I got MORE disappointments.

The vegetables were a little too hard. Not really chewable. The carrot and pumpkin cakes tasted so-so only. And somehow, I’ve got no idea why, it’s not hot. I think the only thing that I find still alright is the hokkien yellow noodle, which I took more than one mouthful.

I’m not sure what’s the total amount since I’m not the one paying for it but the whole lunch doesn’t seem that cheap.

And with the distance away from the MRTs, I think it’s a lot easier to have any food at Bugis Junction rather than walking 5-10 minutes to this building, unless for some reason, you are stuck in this building and is hungry. But then again, there’s some stores at level 1, outside of this building that sell some noodle and such. Probably you can grab some food there instead.

OUT! I’m not going there again. 

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