Blog #0259

I’m feeling more and more of an auntie. Going to NEX and running errands almost everyday, and carrying bags of things back home. Today, it’s also the same.

And then, I had been running to the toilet so often today for the fact that I’d been gulping down bottles and bottles of water. I’d been told that my urine contained traces of blood (not a low level) based on the urine test that I did last year end, and thus I’ll need to do another round of urine test to confirm that I’m healthy before I’m allowed to buy the insurance plan. Gee… For the next 2 days, till Saturday morning, I’ll need to stay away from the spicy and fried food as much as possible.

Having terrible backaches now. Urgh… but there’s still another 3.5 more hours to go and I’d already decided to take a cab back to my mum’s home.

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