Thoughts – Feed Me all the Chemicals

It’s early in the morning but yet my mind had been occupied with questions after questions from the discussions that I had with my admin and lil’ hub yesterday. And this had been something that I had been wondering for the past few years.

Don’t you find that the kids nowadays are getting so hyperactive, and smart in a way? My conclusion since last time had always been due to the extremely nutritious milk powder that the children are drinking nowadays.

But wait… I’m pregnant now… and I’m drinking milk powder almost everyday and… what’s in that milk powder?! DHA, Calcium, Folic Acid, and what not?! O.O”’

Yes, it had slipped my mind off a little. It’s all chemicals to me. And yes, I do agree to a certain extent that it could be good for the children, but is it really that good? Are there statistics or research somewhere that shows that all these man-made or food/animal extracted nutrients are the cause of the hyperactiveness or smartness in children nowadays?

And most importantly, are there any side effects?

As much as I wanted the best (or at least better) for little milkie, I do not want her to be induced with too many chemicals even before she’s born. The thought of drinking all these chemicals suddenly sends a shiver down my spine. It doesn’t seem natural.

But what about those fish oil, or calcium pills etc.? It’s the same. It’s not natural either…

Gosh… where are all the slightly more natural food?

My gynae hasn’t been a supporter of fish oil but yet I’m taking it because almost all my friends who are pregnant or had been pregnant before are taking it. But after thinking it through the night, I guess I’ll take it on alternate days instead of everyday. As much as the milk goes… I’ll still continue to drink it everyday for the moment, till I figure something out.

Somehow, I just don’t feel that comfortable taking all those too good nutrients anymore. Wonder if it does more harm than good to little milkie.

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