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It’s another not so good night sleep. Tossing and turning after I woke up at 5am+… I think I know the reason for all the not-so-good sleep for the past few days… It all started last Sunday, where I’m being told that my MIL will be moving in the coming Tuesday. Oh… yes… I’m quite sure that’s the reason why. I’m quite sure that’s the reason for my brain’s massive activities.

Honestly, it’s not about the mum. I mean, I don’t mind her moving in but I’m only afraid the house will suddenly turn into something beyond my recognition. I’m not really a tidy person but if it’s my house, especially when it’s new, I would hope to make it as simple and neat as possible, in my way.

The lil’ hub said that he’ll be going down to his mum’s place to help to pack and clear some of her things. I told him I probably won’t go, initially. And then after that he said, “Fine, it’s alright. But like that probably my mum will bring a lot more things over because anything she ask can bring or not, I’ll say okay.”

That is… downright… threatening…

So I’ll go… I will definitely go. At least to cut down the number of things that she’s bringing over. Put it this way, a lot of her things are¬†rather old. I’m not saying that old means no good, but more than half of her things won’t be used. And even her photos are put in albums that’s not fully filled (total waste of space!). That’s definitely one thing which I’m going to pack for her.¬†

Sigh… what other things… I’m so freaking tired but yet I still need to worry on such things unless I turned a blind eye, which might have more after effects. It definitely won’t look good, the whole packing thing. I’m quite sure. But to safeguard the outlook of my house, I don’t have any other choice but to become a “bad” person.

May God bless me. Amen.

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