Food – Nyonya Memories @ Heartland Mall

My direct boss asked the admin and I to go for lunch today. I supposed the main reason was because her usual lunch kakis weren’t around. But it doesn’t matter, I mean, it’s just a lunch. And usually we get to go to try new food because she DRIVES! Which is definitely something good since we don’t have to eat the same normal food.

Today, she brought us to this place where I’d never tried before again. Weirdly, I haven’t even notice it though I’m there at times. It’s a Nyonya restaurant that’s located on the second storey of the Heartland Mall, at Kovan – Nyonya Memories.

Maybe it’s due to the entrance of the restaurant itself. Firstly, the colours used ain’t very bright. And secondly, the restaurant itself isn’t really that big so the width of the entrance is only the size of one shop.

Well, there wasn’t any crowds at all on a weekday during lunchtime, so the food came not long later after we ordered.

We ordered about 4 dishes, half of them are spicy but to be honest, it tasted relatively good. I mean, if you were to ask me, I seriously have no idea what’s the difference with nyonya food. Probably like the culture, it’s a mixture of Chinese and Malay food?

Regardless of what, I’m recommending this nice little restaurant, which is quite convenient since there’s the Kovan MRT just below the Heartland Mall. As for the price… hmm… I’m not the one paying for it so… but from what I peeked (when my boss is footing the bill), it seems quite alright.

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