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Finally back home. Freaking tired after throwing away loads and loads of things. If I can, I would like to tag along tomorrow too. But well, it’s another taboo which I need to follow.

It was good today. I managed to throw away quite a bit of things, although mostly before the MIL is back from work. *Smiling sheepishly*

What can I say, I almost freak out the moment I stepped into the house and saw the amount of things she intended to bring over, which occupied half of the living room. It’s like… WOW! Is my house THAT BIG? Are all those things really going to be moved over? What’s even more shocking? Those things DOESN’T include things that are still hanging in my lil’ hub’s room, part of the storeroom and the kitchen!

The thought of all those things being shifted to my house will definitely make my blood pressure go up. But hey! I’m not going to let that happen. So, I started to re-pack and went through every corner that I could within that 4 hours (before my sister’s friends arrive at our house for a gathering).

Well, I’m satisfied for at least I threw away half of the things (or more than half) which my MIL intended to bring over – such as the lil’ hub’s toys (when he was still a child, and a lot too), wires and cables and lots of it, secondary school textbooks (FOR GOODNESS SAKE! The syllabus had changed like CRAZY!) etc.

She, of course, was shocked too, at the moment she came back, especially when she saw the bags of things that were placed near the main door. Her first question was, “All these to be thrown away?”. Well, I just gave a straight answer, “Yes”. And then her next was, “Using all these good plastic bags?”. *Cough* Mum… it’s just plastic bags and we’ve got LOTS of it back at home too. The conditions of some of it is SO bad and she’s still using it. Oh c’mon…

My MIL did briefly went through the things that I threw. I can feel her heart pain though. All those things that she kept so dearly (for don’t know what reasons) and now she had to throw it away. But then, I’m not the incorrigible kind. I mean, if it’s really that useful or is of sentimental values (of course, not EVERYTHING), I would just let things “pass”.

At least, the “battle” for today is over. There’s more to come… next week… Maybe I should consider applying for leave too. Just to ensure that my house is not “invaded”? *Pondering…*

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