Food – The Cathay Restaurant @ The Cathay

I never realised that this restaurant actually existed in this building – The Cathay Restaurant. It should ACTUALLY be quite obvious but why… why hadn’t I noticed it before? Hmm… I wondered…

Today, we are celebrating my Godmum’s birthday (earlier celebration)¬†at this restaurant called “The Cathay Restaurant”, located at the second level of The Cathay building. If you have no idea where is it, it’s somewhere near to Dhoby Ghaut MRT, and it used to be called the Picturehouse (cinema) in the 90s.

The moment you stepped in, I guess the atmosphere felt a little different. How different? It’s not going to be that cheap. *LOL*

Anyway, its for the celebration and since we never tried this restaurant before, and that we (my family and Godmum’s) are really “adventurous”, so here we are.

As usual, my sister and cousin ordered the food, which includes some dim sum, and main dishes. In case I never mentioned, or that the name of the restaurant isn’t obvious enough, it’s a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum and Chinese food. Ala carte.

The porridge came quite a while later, followed by the rest of the dim sums, and then the dishes. It tasted nice, and the service was relatively good as well. I reckoned that the price of the food makes all the difference.

There wasn’t a lot of crowd for a Saturday lunch. The restaurant was at most half to three-quarter packed but in a way it’s good, as we don’t really have to wait for a long time.

That’s about it. The bill came and we were like… Hmm… okay… for this kind of price and food, probably we will only try it once. *LOL* I’m not saying that the food is not nice. It IS nice, but it’s just a little more to the expensive side.

Again, no harm trying.

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