Thoughts – Worries of a Parent-to-be

My little milkie is not born yet but why am I thinking so much and soooo FAR already? Hmm…

Today, my sister’s friends came to our house for dinner. The bunch of friends that I knew since I was in my Primary School. They were a fun bunch of friends. What’s more, one couple stays a block away from mine.

Anyway, 2 of them were principals in a Child Care Centre, and guess what they said? “The class for infant care and nursery is almost full for a lot of centres, for the Dragon babies. You better register NOW if you want to get a place when your baby is 3 years old.”

That does it…

I wonder how the parents in the past handles all these but I can jolly well said that these days, parents are getting more and more “kiasu”. I don’t blame them for behaving like that after all, most couples will probably have less than 2 or 3 children (unlike the past, where like my grandparents, they had slightly more than a dozen). And attentions are all given to that few. As much as possible, they try to give them the best of everything – lifestyle, education, food etc.

Like me, now, I’m only pregnant for about 5 months, but I’m thinking so far ahead. And if I CAN afford it (somewhat to an extend), why shouldn’t I give them the best? After all, I don’t want my kids to lose out to the others either, right?

And so, from the start of pregnancy, food restrictions are already a must, just to ensure that the baby’s health is alright. Just a simple example, even just a few mouthfuls of ice-cream, I’ll have to consider a few times before eating it. Though I still enter the restricted zone at times, but it’s to the minimal.

Then you’ll probably have to start thinking what will happen after the baby is born. Who is going to look after her? Donating the cordblood? Which primary school will she be attending? Going to get her to go for extra classes like learning piano, ballet, drawing etc. And is there sufficient room for her own bedrooms? What are the funds going to be like for her education etc.? Gee…

What can I say… it seems endless… but worth it, definitely. Now, let’s do it step by step. Firstly… REGISTER FOR HER NURSERY! *LOL*

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