Blog #0263

I’m awake again, so early on a weekend. Had expected to wake up earlier as usual but didn’t think that it would be that early since I slept at 2am, and woke up at 6.30am yesterday. I should be tired. In fact, I AM tired, physically, but there’s just too many brain activites in my┬ápea brain. What to do? I need to try and clear and pack all the things before another round of “stuffs” come rushing in today.

And now I’m hungry, and so is my little milkie. But what to eat? I’m so sick of some of the food at times… Will be good if I can have some McDonald’s breakfast now.

Whatever, I need to start packing already. And today, it will be a good day because I found the module that’s causing the breakage in this website, and thus I’d disabled it for the moment. Will wait till I have a little more time before I go fixing this. Ganbatte!

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