Thoughts – Sort out the Money

It’s always good to sort things between you and your spouse, especially one of the most sensitive topic in the world – MONEY. After all, there’s a Chinese saying that goes, “Talk about money, it spoils the relationship”. Oh yes, that’s more or less a direct translation but still, it’s true. And very true.

I broke down today. After arguing with the lil’ hub on both of our finance. I’m one who doesn’t really think that much when it comes to money. While he, on the other end, will take more note on the things he spent. But yes again, recently, I tried to keep track and realise I’m spending way out of my in-comings. And for the fact that I usually don’t save, I can barely make ends meet on my side.

Today, we were happily shopping for items at the Takashimaya Square on Baby Fair. No. I hadn’t got the mood to talk about shopping. Anyway, when it comes to the paying, I got the lil’ hub to pay, which after that then I knew that he wasn’t exactly that happy about it because I did say that I’ll be the one getting all the baby’s stuffs.

So that started everything. He questioned why is he the one paying. I replied by saying does he have to be that particular. And then rebuked by saying I’ll just transfer the money to him. As usual, he being a little naggy, continued even after I said that, questioning where my money went and blah blah blah…

What I’m trying to say is… it’s of utmost importance to sort this out, especially before the marriage, to prevent quarrels and arguments on that.

We did sort out, just that it’s not a clear line. I never like it to be that clear a line but I guess it really depends on your partner. Whatever it is, have some discussions and conclusions before getting married and every now and then, communicate with each other on it too, so that you keep one another updated.

A lesson to learn… a lesson that I’d just recalled again.

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