Thoughts – Kick Me!

Taking a break from work and reminiscing on the amazing things that occurred since the start of the pregnancy. One of it, is none other than the “kicks” of the baby.

It’s been around 5 months now and recently, the “kicks” had been getting more and more obvious (a really good thing), harder and more frequent. Of course by now, I totally know and can differentiate¬†when are the “kicks”, and when it is not.

On Monday night, a wonderful thing happen… the dad of little milkie finally felt her first “kick”. He was thrilled. ^^

It didn’t happen suddenly. It was just a normal night and I was already asleep. Then lil’ hub came walking into the room, and started talking when he saw me tossing and turning a little. His voice was at his usual volume, which wasn’t that soft. And then I felt the baby kicking me.

The lil’ hub then took his clothes and went to bathe. No movement from her. A little while longer, when the lil’ hub came out and started talking again, I felt the kicks again. I was shock. It has got to be his voice that caused the movement from little milkie.

I shut the lil’ hub up, took his hand and put it on my tummy, the place where I felt the “kick” last, and signalled him to talk again.

And he did as he was told and… TADA! SHE KICKED!

It was one of the most amazing thing that happened so far and I’m glad lil’ hub finally felt it. We had tried¬†a few times but he always missed that timing. I wonder if it’s his voice which the baby recognized, and thus the movement.

So sweet, isn’t it? 2 more weeks, and I get to see little milkie again. ^^

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