Blog #0269

Lying on my comfortable bed, I could hardly feel my body nor legs anymore, and I seriously don’t feel like moving, not even an inch. Today’s “exercises” had proved to be a little bit too much for a pregnant lady, a.k.a. me. *faintz*

There really is a BIG difference, when you are pregnant. Not that you are “acting” it, but somehow, you just couldn’t perform as per normal anymore. Just a walk down the slope and you can feel your balance not there. Bending to the front proves to be of some challenge too, and that goes for squatting down and up (worse!). Even wearing shorts and pants is difficult! Thus, I’d resorted to wearing dresses most of the time nowadays. And am glad that my “preparation” of clothes for pregnancy seems to be really useful these days (always bought clothes that are a bit loose).

Luckily the lil’ hub had been nice and caring enough to help me by tugging me to bed (putting the pillows in place) and carrying most of my things when we are out shopping. He’s been relatively nicer ever since I got pregnant, which I really am glad of. Though he still never do most bulk of the household chores, to me, those are small matters.

As for my MIL, though she brought over quite a bit of stuffs, I did throw away a lot of her stuffs too, so let’s call it QUITS. So long as she don’t start buying or putting any weird weird or old old things around. I guess I’m alright. And… I thought I just heard the “dong dong” sound again. Is the clock starting to tick… again? Hmm… just don’t wake me up or I’ll start grumbling soon.

My mind’s getting blank… and tomorrow is a Friday. I wonder if I can wake up and move tomorrow. If I can’t, then I’ll probably take MC again, which most likely, I’ll get some scoldings from my doctor for not resting enough and still joined some team building.

So many things to do but yet so little time to complete it all. And soon… little milkie will be out! Come to think of it, there’s only probably less than 4 months left! ^^ WOW!

My life’s going to change, again. To what, I’m not too sure, but I know it will be BETTER than now because life will only get better if you wanted it to, and if you make it to be. Life’s always beautiful.

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