Food – Ami’s @ Sentosa

After a long, full and tiring day, we are finally here, having our dinner at this place called “Ami’s” at Sentosa. By now, my brain is already dead and my whole body is collapsing. All I’d wanted to do was to sit down and yes, EAT, since my stomach is starting to growl. As I walked into the place, the smell of the BBQ food floats through the air. It sure smells good, I would say. We are having a buffet today.

This place is an open area (with shelter though) that’s filled with tables and chairs, and fans at the ceiling which helps to ventilate the whole area. The ambience is nice, and it sure is breezy with an extremely nice view – Vivocity (looks different at night), which means the place is located relatively near to the sea.

We (me and a few of my closer colleagues) took a while to settle down, before queueing up for the food as there’s a long stretch of people. There was a wide spread of food, I would say. There’s fried rice, pasta, mixtures of seafood (which I don’t and can’t eat), and then there’s broccoli (my favourite), sambal sting ray (not sure if I can eat but I still grabbed it), and many others more!

The food was nice, especially the sambal sting ray. And I definitely had a very filling dinner.

I would say, if this is really a restaurant, in buffet style or ala carte style. IF it’s not too expensive, you can give it a try.

I’m too tired to go search for the details. So if you know the price and such, it’ll be nice if you let me know. *LOL*

That’s it. I’m switching off… Time to go meet my lil’ hub at Vivocity. ^^ Missed him…

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